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MEGT Press Release

January 2013


Small businesses, particularly in the regional and rural agriculture sector such as the apiary industry, are a focus of funding support by government.

Financial incentives are available to the industry to help offset the cost of your staff’s technical training for nationally accredited qualifications including Certificate III in Bee-Keeping or Certificate III in Agriculture.

To help with business skills, employers are also able to access financial assistance for courses such as Certificate III and IV in Business Administration for new and some existing workers or Certificate 1V in Frontline Management for new workers in the industry.

As both these streams of education are vocational training, much of the study may be able to be done while on-the-job with the trainer coming out to the workplace at times that won’t impact your business. In this way, you can make the most of seasonal quiet times to bring staff up to speed on their skills and reap the productivity benefits at peak times.

The federal incentive payments include up to $4,000 in total standard incentive payments for eligible full time workers plus additional incentives for approved school based apprentices, mature aged workers and for a business in a declared drought area.

Staff undertaking the training in an approved apprenticeship or agricultural or horticultural traineeship could also access Tools for Trade payments up to $5,500 in total over the period of the training.

There are also other benefits available to the employer from state government for any new workers.

Eligibility for the incentives is assessed by your local MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre. This is a no-cost service and conducted at your worksite. MEGT also helps you with the selection of the most appropriate training provider and with the paperwork and processes involved throughout the apprenticeship or traineeship.

Australian Apprenticeships are an Australian Government initiative.

For more details on this initiative please contact Deb Redman, MEGT Business Relationships Consultant, your industry specialist, on 0417 116 662 or 03 54428862.

Debra Redman
Business Relationships Consultant
MEGT Bendigo
1st Floor, 386 Hargreaves Street

Last update 3-Mar-2017
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