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Not so recent Media Releases

What has been happening in Beekeeping in Victoria.

BEEing smarter about border security - Media Release 23-Dec-2014
National Bee Pest Surveillance Program - Sneaking into Australia through northern ports just got harder for exotic bees and pests, with the installation of a network of 20 hives monitored by mobile phone cameras and sensors.

The Honey Bee and Pollination R&D Program - Beekeepers are being urged to consider the use of screened bottom boards, after a study revealed they had no impact on the productivity of the hive compared to conventional bottom boards.

Bees hungry for access to public land - Media Release 26-Nov-2014
The Honey Bee and Pollination R&D Program - Beekeepers are facing increased challenges as to where they can place their hives, putting at risk both honey production and the vital pollination services that honey bees provide.

The Honey Bee and Pollination R&D Program - Small hive beetles are rapidly emerging as a major pest to Australia’s beekeeping industries, costing Queensland alone a minimum of $2.7 million annually from hive losses and ruined honey.

Bad weather brings honey shortage fears - SBS World News 17-Jan-2014 
Australia's honey industry is set to deliver the lowest national honey yields in more than a decade due to excessive heat, floods and drought.

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