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The most important role of bees, including our honeybees, is Pollination. 

More than 40% of our food crops rely on pollination by bees. No bees, no food.

Without bees we would not have the variety of food we enjoy. We could probably give up honey, but we cannot give up pollination.

Without managed pollination with bees our modern way of farming in concentrated areas would simply not be possible.

The Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC) is a statutory authority established by the Primary Industries Research and Development Act 1989. 

The RIRDC website is an excellent and comprehensive source of information about Pollination and the risks for bees and beekeepers.

Searching their website for bees, honeybees, beekeeping etc. lets you find numerous informative articles.

The Honeybee pesticide poisoning - a risk management tool for Australian Beekeepers and Farmers can be downloaded from the RIRDC website.

Last update 3-Mar-2017
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