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All about the 2022 VAA Annual Conference

Registration Summary

AGM ONLY - In-Person or ZOOM

Regis'n Type = 1A

Commercial Stream & AGM (as option)

Regis'n Type = 3A    (2 days Comm'l)

Regis'n Type = 3C, 3D (Fri or Sat only)

Recreational stream & AGM (as option)

Regis'n Type = 3B (Fri Comm'l & Sat Rec'l)

Regis'n Type = 3E (Sat only Rec'l)

Speaker Registration

Regis'n Type = 4A  (Friday), 4B (Sat), 4C (both days)

Traders' Registration

Regis'n Type = 5A    (extra staff are "GUESTS")

The 2022 VAA Annual Conference

Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of May 2022

York on Lilydale Hotel

Corner York Road and Swansea Road, Mt Evelyn, Victoria

Proudly hosted by the VAA Melbourne Section

Early bird prices end on Monday 18th April 2022

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    Key information: 

    • The 2022 AGM will commence at 1pm, and the conference will be suspended until the AGM has completed.
    • The Hospitality Evening is on Thursday at 7pm. The VAA Melbourne Section will welcome you to the conference. Finger food will be served as you reconnect with beekeepers from around Victoria.
    • Friday and Saturday, book in and collect your conference pack from 8am. Sessions commence at 9am and finish at 5pm. 
    • Friday evening social night with a special beekeeper panel to talk about the good old days and the good days to come. Commencing at 7pm.
    • Saturday night is the Annual Dinner commencing at 7pm. The three course dinner is followed by announcing the auction, announcing the competition winners and drawing the raffle. The first 100 registrations for the dinner will receive a discount thanks to our entree sponsor, Kelvin Trading.

    Conference Costs:

    • Full conference $295 (early bird $240)
    • One day attendance $165 (early bird $140)
    • Annual Dinner $65 full cost ($50 for first 100 VAA Members)
    • Partner catering costs: $50 per day
    • Trader catering costs: free for the stall holder and $100 (covering both days) each for up to two additional staff.
    See full details on the registration information sheet. 

    General Business sessions

    The General Business sessions will be chaired to gather information from members.

    The state of apiculture will be assessed with member input on 

    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats

    Specific issues may be examined through the process of 

    • problem statement
    • likely causes
    • target position
    • options to pursue

    The General Business Session outcomes and resolutions will not have the authority of a resolution at a General Meeting (as defined under the Act)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is the Hospitality Evening and who can attend?

    The Hospitality Evening is on Thursday nght at 7pm. Finger food will be served. All registered conference attendees, traders and guest speakers may attend?

    What is the cost of the Annual Dinner?

    The Annaul Dinner will cost $65 as the standard price. Kelvin Trading has sponsored the Entree for the first 100 Delegates: so $50 will be the cost for the first 100 Delegates. Partners of delegates and traders who do not have dinner included in there package, will be charged $65.

    When is the Annual Dinner?

    The Annual Dinner is on the Saturday nght at 7pm. A three course dinner will be served. Competition results will be announced and the raffle will be drawn.

    How can I help with the conference preparation and execution?

    Volunteers are needed for the conference preparation and during the conference. If you are interested in assisting with any activities, please contact send an email to Rob Kerr at Melbournes section members are wanted for Thursday afternoon set, and on Friday or Saturday for example, helping register, check attendees' meal tickets and assist speakers.

    Why is the last registration more than two weeks before the conference starts?

    The Venue requires time to order for catering purposes. We need to know the number of attendees two weeks prior to the event.

    Why is the conference being separated from the AGM?

    The AGM must be a notified General Meeting, at least 30 days prior, and the business must be spcified in the notification. The Conference will bring up new items for discussion. So the General Business Sessions will be run to explorethese, but as these item will be "from the floor", they are inconsistent with the "General Meeting" status.

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