Victorian Apiarists' Association

  VAA Conference 2022 - Partners' Tour

The Parter's Tour is scheduled for Friday.  The itinerary is, from Mt Evelyn, head east a short distance to the country property, Mont De Lancy. Spend some time in the cafe or gardens or stroll around the grounds.

Continue east through rolling countryside with vineyards and lush farming land that grows just about everything. Count the number of wines that you pass on the road signs: the one who counts the most does not get to drive. Passing the Seville winery, and hitting Woori Yallock, we turn north towards Healesville with Mt Toolebewong on the right and the Yarra River valley to your left. 

If you don't get swallowed up by the Badger's Creek attractions, lunch options include The Big Bouquet on the left or into Healesville for a wander through the artistry shops and country retreat of the nouveau riche. Once our stomach is satisfied, the tour heads

Mt Evelyn - Woori Yallock - HealesVille - Yarra Glen - Mt Evelyn

west to Tarrawarra where you can choose to be impressed by the architecture, the art, the cafe, the landscape, or the view: it's up to you!

It's almost afternoon tea time as you head off towards Yarra Glen where, fortunately, there is a magnificent Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery. Recommended to eat the ice cream and buy the chocolate, as the alternative is far to adventurous.  

You settle into your vehicle and head out of the car park to join the highway back past Yarra Glen and head east - south - east - south to Lilydale and then Mt Evelyn. Time to share the Chocolaterie spoils is what I think!

The bus tour is between $45 and $70 depending on numbers.

If it rains, there will likely be a few variations in destinations. The VAA invites all partners to join the tour and enjoy a lovely experience in the Yarra Valley. 

Finish the evening with a bistro dinner at the York on Lilydale and a generous dose of retrospection and humour at the conference's Friday Night Panel Discussion.

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