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VAA AGM 2021 - Proxy registration guidance

Note: The Executive Council have delegated the management of proxy registrations to Rob Kerr. Rob is the Secondary Melbourne Section representative to the Executive Council. Rob Kerr can be reached on 0421 078 387 or  Daylight hours are best for Rob, but try any time.

Proxy voting for the 2021 VAA AGM is available for VAA members.

If you cannot attend the Zoom meeting or you think you may not be able to attend the meeting, then you may nominate someone to be your proxy.

This proxy will vote the way you have asked of them OR in a way that they think you would vote.

If you want someone to be your proxy at the meeting, then you will need to contact Rob Kerr to inform the VAA that you have made this decision. You can phone in your VAA AGM proxy information to Rob Kerr on 0421 078 387,  OR you may copy and update the proxy registration information (see below) into an email and send it to Rob Kerr at

Explanation of proxy voting at the VAA AGM

A proxy registration must be verified as from you.

We will verify a proxy vote if

  • it is from your phone number as recorded in our register of members, 
  • it is from your email address as recorded in our register of members, or 
  • your proxy registration is in writing with the proxy information correct and it is signed by you.

A proxy must be accepted by the nominated proxy holder. The meeting attendee nominated as a proxy by a member may inform the VAA when they are admitted into the meeting, or prior to the meeting by contacting Rob Kerr.

Note: Your proxy holder will do their best to vote the way you would vote or according to your instructions.

Note: if you are unsure about attending the VAA AGM via the Zoom meeting, then you can still submit a proxy vote. If you do submit a proxy vote, then you can still attend the meeting. If you do attend the meeting, then your proxy vote will be cancelled and you will vote in person at the meeting.

How to make another VAA member your proxy holder

  • If you can, gain the agreement of the other member to act as your proxy
  • Phone Rob Kerr on 0421 078 387   OR   Write an email to Rob Kerr on  (At this time, it is considered impractical to use the post for proxy registrations)
  • provide the information required.  (see "Proxy Information" section)
  • your proxy holder will confirm that they represent you when they enter the online meeting. Proxy holders are encouraged to inform Rob Kerr earlier if they can do so.

Option 1 - Phone VAA - Rob Kerr 0421 078 387

If no-one answers, or the line is busy, leave your name and phone number. But call back again. 

You will be asked for identifying information (Name, address, email address), so that we can confirm that you are a VAA member.

Once we are able to verify you, then we will ask you for the proxy information.

We will then ask you to affirm the declaration. (see next section)

Option 2 - Email Rob Kerr at

Copy the proxy information (see below) into the email.

Make modifications to add your name and the name of the person who will be your proxy.

Send the email to Rob.

Include the declaration in your email.

Proxy information

Proxy information / conditions     (eg if Rob K wanted Mike Love to be his proxy at the AGM, Rob would put his own name against Member name, and Mike Love’s name against the Proxy member name.)   You may copy the information below into your email, make adjustments and send it to

This information is provided to register a proxy.

Member name :: <<insert your your name>>    

Proxy member name :: <<insert the name of the member who will be your proxy>>

Meeting name :: The VAA AGM 2021

Meeting date :: 23 July 2021

Declaration:   That no other proxy has been submitted. This proxy is only for the VAA AGM on 23 July 2021. That you understand that the proxy will vote for you, to the best of their ability, in the way that they think you would vote. That if you attend the meeting, the proxy’s representation for you will lapse.

For any questions about registering a proxy, please ring Rob Kerr on 0421 078 387 or email

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