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About the 2022 VAA Annual General Meeting

AGM Registration Summary:   It's Free,   it's NOT part of the conference,   you MUST register,   choose In-Person or Zoom.

The 2022 VAA Annual General Meeting

1pm, Friday 20th May

The Yarra Valley Room,

York on Lilydale, Mt Evelyn

Corner York Road and Swansea Road, Mt Evelyn

General Notes:

  • All VAA members are welcome to attend in person OR via Zoom.
  • You attend the AGM independently from conference attendance. You can attend the AGM by registering and arriving before 1pm on Friday and leaving at the conclusion of the AGM.
  • The conference will be suspended for the duration of the AGM. As the AGM is not time bound, it may be one hour or less, or it may be longer than the 2 hour window allocated. The AGM will continue until it has addressed all items on the agenda.
  • There is no cost to attend the AGM. The AGM must be free to all members to comply with Victorian legislation.
  • The AGM venue can fit 120 persons at tables, and many more seats can be added to accommodate more people.

Other frequently asked questions are answered here:

Where is the Agenda for the AGM?

The Agenda has been published in the Australian Bee Journal (ABJ) and is available via the link on the column to the right.

How do I register a proxy for the AGM?

A proxy can be registered by using the form available via the link in the next column. The proxy should be emailed to the VAA at, posted to PO Box 40, California Gully, Vic 3556, or handed to the Secretary or an Executive Council member.

What rights does a proxy have?

A registered proxy counts in the quorum of the AGM - 25 members present in person or by proxy. The proxy can vote as a show of hands or when plural voting is used, the proxy holds the original member's number of votes when voting for that member. The original member may direct their proxy to vote in a particular way, if they so wish.

How long will the AGM take?

The AGM will take as long as required to allow members to address the items on the agenda. If there are any vacancies to be filled on the Executive Council, then calling for nominations, running the election and counting the votes will take about 20 minutes.

When will we use plural voting?

Plural voting will not be used for the election (if there is one) of Executive Council members. The solicitor drafting the proposed constitution has identified that plural voting is not legal uner the existing constitution. Plural voting will be allowed for all general resolutions according to Rule 28(a) of the 2012 constitution.

How to register for the AGM

To attend the AGM, you must register. Choose your situation to read the appropriate instructions.

I am going to the conference...

I will use the conference registration link and select the relevant conference package - 2A to 2E or 3A to 3E (if after the 18th April 2022). In each registration package, I will answer the mandatory question about attending the AGM. If I am going to the AGM then I will select "yes, I'm going to the AGM."  If I am at the conference, I may still select via Zoom.  If I am going to the conference, but not the AGM I will choose "not attending the AGM".

I'm not going to the conference...

I will use the conference registration link and choose the registration type 1A.  This is the AGM only registration. I will  specify whether that I am attending in person or via ZOOM.

I am not going to the AGM or the conference...

I do not have to register for anything. I can still see the agenda and the AGM papers in the links below.


    1. The conference / AGM registration page
    2. The proxy guidelines and proxy form     (almost there  ...)
    3. The Agenda for the AGM  (almost there ...)
    4. The AGM papers   (almost there ...)
    5. The Special Resolution  (almost there ...)
    6. The Proposed Constitution

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