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About the Bendigo Branch 

About the Bendigo Branch VAA Inc

·      The Bendigo Branch of the Victorian Apiarists' Association (BBVAA) continues its 40+ years commitment and development as an integral part of the Apiary Industry.

·      BBVAA membership includes both urban and rural beekeepers, with varying experience levels – ranging from prospective, recreational, small, and large commercial beekeepers; welcoming all. 

·      BBVAA provides support, advice, and a forum for beekeepers to discuss issues, concerns or achievements, and where required problem solve in a collaborative, supportive environment.

The aims and objectives of the Bendigo Branch VAA Inc.

·      Promoting and encouraging improved knowledge and practices of beekeeping.

·      Disseminating useful information relating to apiculture and hive management.

·      Assisting and mentoring beginning beekeepers through discussion, personal assistance, and the provision of educational and practical sessions such as beginners’ activities, an annual autumn pack-down day and annual field days.

·      Sharing knowledge, experience, and learning more about the industry, including the knowledge of the vast contribution made by the VAA, on behalf of all beekeepers, over many years.

·      Developing knowledge as to good bee husbandry and ways to problem solve.

·      Provision of Q&A sessions and guest speakers vital to promote discussion and debate; with some people interested to discover there are often varying solutions according to the season, the strength of hives, the flora available seasonally, together with the geography of the location and the effect of climatic changes. 

·      To provide a warm, welcoming, inclusive environment for all beekeepers attending meetings and activities.

·      All interested people are invited to attend meetings held monthly at the Lakeside Hotel, Bendigo.

What We Do – 2022 Meetings & Activities

  • Conduct General Q&A Information Meetings for beekeepers of all experience levels, including prospective beekeepers on the first Wednesday of each month (except in January & December). Venue – Lakeside Hotel, Napier St. Meal at 6.00 p.m. (optional), with meeting at 7.00 p.m.
  • Conduct Business Meetings on the third Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October. Venue T.B.D.
  • N.B. Beekeepers are welcome to attend either or both meetings according to their interests.
  • Registration is essential for catering purposes and to ensure we abide by any COVID restrictions as to numbers attending. Please email the Secretary no later than the Monday prior to each meeting to register your attendance.
  • To attend you must show evidence of proof of double vaccination to the staff on arrival.
  • Conduct Educational Developmental activities & workshops on the third Saturday of March, September & November, to provide beekeeping advice, support and practical activities to current and prospective beekeepers.
  • Enjoy BBVAA End of Year Dinner at the Lakeside Hotel on Wednesday 7th December 2022.
  • Run our Annual Autumn Pack-down day, on Sunday 8th May 2022 offering varied practical activities in preparation for winter hive management.
  • Facilitate an Annual Beekeeping Field Day on the second Sunday in October (9th October in 2022) at the Harcourt Recreation Reserve, including open hives, flow hive and beginners’ demonstrations, equipment sales via a variety of Trade stall vendors, the sale of mated queen bees, guest speakers and access to biosecurity and Apiary officers.
  • Liaise with and support the Victorian Apiarists’ Association

    Contact: for enquiries or to register for meetings.


    Chair: Max Maunder    03 5446 7911

    Deputy Chair: Stafford Kelly

    Secretary: Carol Maunder  Ph: 0418 351 935

    Assistant Secretary: Michelle Accurso 

    Treasurer: MArgie Gallagher

    Assistant Treasurer: Bill Shay

    Resources: Colin Murley & Max Maunder

    2022 Meetings: Generally held in-person at the Lakeside Hotel.

    The first Wednesday of each month is a general meeting with speakers and discussion of attendees's questions. All beekeepers are welcome.

    The third Wednesday of every even month is a business meeting to which all interested VAA members and beekeepers are invited.

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