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Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary

When you want to experience the buzz of live bees, come and visit the Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary.

The apiary aims to educate the public about bees and beekeeping, as well as providing beekeeping advice and practice to current and prospective beekeepers.

   Urban Ag Month at the Apiary   

Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary special event.

10:30 am to 3:30 pm, Sunday - 11th April 2021

  See beekeepers at work on the beehives  

  Learn about the foods that need bee pollination  

  Demonstrations include

  -  how to extract honey 

  -  making frames for beehives   

   What are your questions about bees?     

   Ask a beekeeper on Sunday 11th April 2021   

   at the Collingwood Children's Farm Apiary.   

The Regular Open Days

The Collingwood Children’s Farm apiary is now open to trainee beekeepers and from the 11th April 2021, it will also be open to members of the public.

Beekeeper training takes place on the second and fourth Sunday's of the month. If you are a beekeeper or preparing to acquire a hive, you can contact the Apiary managers on the email below.

Members of the public may use the email below to register their interest in a bee experience. Protective clothing is available.

We will continue to comply with any COVID-safe practices as specified by the Victorian Government. 

The apiary is jointly managed by VAA Melbourne Section and Collingwood Children’s Farm.

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