Victorian Apiarists AssociatIon - Melbourne Section


September Meeting

Thursday 26th September 2019 from 7:30 pm

Church of Christ Hall" corner Cherry Rd, Whitehorse Rd Balwyn 3103, Melway 46-D8, Tram route 109 enter from Cherry Rd. Entrance Fees: $3 for VAA members, $8 for non- VAA members.

Item 1. 7:30 to 8:15 "Beginners' Corner" where Eric Smith will lead discussion about beekeeping in the Church.

Item 2. General Meeting

  • Welcome, upcoming events and drawing of raffle and door prizes
  • Presentation by Shane Doran from "Bee Removals, Victoria": "Relocation of swarms and bee nests". Shane's presentation will include movies which show some of his more interesting and challenging cut-outs.

Beginners Hands-on Beekeeping Course

Sunday 6th October and Sunday 20th October 2019 (9am to 5pm)

Conducted by VAA Melbourne Section at the Collingwood Children’s Farm and its apiary, central Melbourne.

The course is designed to provide new or prospective beekeepers (including those with Flow Hives) with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to successfully manage a beehive throughout a beekeeping season, and particularly in springtime. Subsequent courses in February and March 2020 will focus on beekeeping during summer, autumn and winter.

The cost of the course is $300 which includes course notes, a memory stick of beekeeping resources, a reference book (“BEE Agskills”, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries), and morning and afternoon tea.

For further information and tickets, click here or go to

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